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SBH registers 17 percent jump


Bank’s Total Business crossed Rs.2,20,000 Cr to reach a level of Rs. 220910 Cr as at end of Mar 2014. Total Deposits is at Rs.122024 Cr and Advances is at Rs.98886 Cr.

CASA ratio improved to 30.51% in Mar’14 from 27.88% in Mar’13. Bank’s Credit Deposit Ratioimproved to 82.13% in Mar’14 from 78.77% in Mar’13.

Bank has achieved a net profit of Rs.1020 Cr for the year 2013-14 as against Rs.1250 Cr in the last year. We have achieved Capital Adequacy Ratio – Basel III of 12% with (CET-I at 8.91%) as on Mar’14 as against 11.65% last year.

Bank has opened 136 branches during the FY 2013-14, out of which 41 branches are opened in Rural area and 23 in unbanked centre’s. SBH Managing Director M.Bhagavantha Rao with other officers announced the results during the annual press meet.


The Net Profit for the quarter grown by 17% to Rs.444 Cr as against Rs.380 Cr for the correspondence quarter last year. Compared to Dec’13 quarter, the profit for the current quarter is higher by 273%. Total Interest Income increased by 6.91% to Rs.3451 Cr from Rs.3228 Cr in Mar’13. Interest Income on Advances increased by 8.59% to Rs. 2642 Cr from Rs.2433 Cr (Mar’13) while total Interest Expenses increased by 8.99% to Rs.2424 Cr from Rs.2224 Cr (Mar’13). Net Interest Income increased by 2.29% to Rs.1027 Cr from Rs.1004 Cr (Mar’13). NIM improved from 3.04% in Dec’13 to 3.05% in Mar’14.


For the year 2013-14, Bank has earned a total Interest Income of Rs.13467 Cr which improved by 8.19% over Rs.12448 Cr in Mar’13. Interest expenses increased by 11.27% to Rs.9491 Cr from Rs.8530 Cr in Mar’13

Bank’s Operating Expenses at Rs.2267 Cr as on Mar’14 increased by 7.70% over Rs.2105 Cr as on Mar’13.  Similarly, there in an increase in Staff Expenses by 7.42% to Rs.1520 Cr as on Mar’14 from Rs.1415 Cr as on Mar’13 due to provisioning for wage revision. Non interest Income increased to Rs.982 Cr as on Mar’14 from Rs.976 Cr as on Mar’13.